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CourseCalibration reports provide evidence of what was or wasn't done that impacts student learning outcomes. These audits compare the CourseMap with what students see in the Learning Management System (LMS). We provide CourseCalibration reports at the end of each academic term that the courses are offered.


  • The ClearAlignment team compares the CourseMap’s content organization in the LMS at the end of each term.
  • The ClearAlignment team reports on course changes that don’t maintain critical accreditation standards.


Adherence to Regional & Professional Standards

Accrediting organizations play a key higher education “gatekeeper” role by providing the means to inform and protect consumers against fraud and abuse.  Accreditatio is also used to determine whether institutions and programs are eligible to participate in the $80 billion available annually in federal and state grants and loans. With CourseCalibration reports, you can realize efficiencies between curriculum and accreditation committees as well as provide transparency to reviewers and stakeholders.

Detailed Reporting

You rely on data to monitor administrative and support operations and ensure the institution clarifies and stays true to its mission. CourseCalibration helps you realize success at pragmatic and visionary levels.

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