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  • Map curricula dynamically
  • Gain actionable insights with visual analytics
Online Presence


  • Scale online programs
  • Ensure courses are student-centered
Programmatic Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts

  • Realize synergy between programs
  • Streamline course conversion

Why We Are Different

The ClearAlignment platform is your engine for scaling educational programs for elearning delivery.

  • Our team is here to assist professors build their elearning courses.
  • Our approach ensures your program syllabus is in alignment with standards and competencies.
  • Our methodology provides Quality Assurance for constant program updates and improvements.
  • Our dashboard allows you to review courses on a term by term basis to see if they are meeting/matching program requirements.

Who We Serve

  • Deans, Provosts, Department Chairs
  • Curriculum & Accreditation Committees
  • Faculty

The ClearAlignment solution is backed by instructional designers and professors who’ve actually been in your shoes

Our application is an automated course design tool, so faculty can easily convert face-to-face courses to online delivery without requiring our intervention.

But we are always here if you need extra guidance or advice.

students on college campus

Deans, Provosts, Department Chairs

curriculum and accreditation committee meeting

Curriculum and Accreditation Committees

Curriculum and Accreditation Committees

curriculum and accreditation committee meeting


faculty and students

Success Metrics

The ClearAlignment platform uses analytics in the Success Metrics dashboard providing you actionable insights while you are

Launching and maintaining quality

  • Essential Stats: You’ll know exactly what’s going on at course, program and college levels.
  • Ongoing Improvements: At a glance you’ll know course performance and cost-benefit analyses.
  • Cost Savings: You can view metrics such as efficiencies of scaling, and more.

Building brand strength with scalable digital education.

  • Program Performance: In real-time, you can visually track your program goals.

When To Use ClearAlignment

  • Deans, Provosts, Department Chairs
    • Adding new elearning programing
    • Converting a face-to-face course to elearning or blending learning
  • Curriculum Committees
    • Ensuring vertical and horizontal integration
    • Reviewing and updating competencies
    • Evaluating effective and relevant curricula
  • Accreditation Committees
    • Advising on assessment plans
    • Ensuring that programs meet and exceed professional standards
  • Faculty
    • Converting face-to-face course to elearning or blending learning delivery
    • Replacing content-centric instructional strategies with student-centric instructional strategies and activities

What People Say About Clear Alignment

“Thank you Jane Neapolitan for your support of having my course reviewed by Sara of ClearAlignment. I am currently revising the course for the Gold Review and I found the report from Sara extremely helpful. I wanted you to know that this was a great aid in my course revision.”

Terry Ewell

Master of Music Program Director, Towson University

“Despite my 10 years teaching management courses online, I found the ClearAlignment process most insightful in reframing my understanding of course design process and then aligning my intent, activities, and assessment so cohesively and simply. My thanks to the team and their efficiency, and genuine care in meeting my busy schedule and collaborative interests.”

Dana B. Hart

Director of Executive Leadership Program (EdD) Le Moyne College, Syracuse NY

"We were looking for a partner who understood our organization, could analyze any given situation, and develop effective solutions to achieve the desired objectives. Were also looking for someone who knew how to orchestrate large and complex projects smoothly, possesses extraordinary creative design and multimedia skills, and had a deep understanding of technology. We found that with Dr. Sara Tarr."

Andrew Katzen

Professor, Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi

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